Dear Rti, Postcard collection

“Dear Rti, Happy Birthday!”
“Dear Rti, I hope the war ends soon and there is world peace.”
What would you like to say to Rti and the world?
In response to current global unrest and Rti’s 95th anniversary, Rti is collecting postcards from netizens across the world. The initiative will turn people’s individual wishes into a collective effort to wish Rti a happy 95th birthday and hope for world peace and stability together.

One postcard, one blessing!

The postcard you send has a chance of being seen and heard around the world ~
⭐Displayed at different places in Taiwan
⭐Showcased at Rti’s gala dinners
⭐Read aloud on Rti’s programs
⭐Interacted with on different Rti’s social media platforms

For every qualifying sender, Rti will send you our 95th anniversary limited postcard. You might also win exclusive gifts!

Grab a pen and let’s start writing!

Send a Postcard

  1. Eligibility
    • This contest is open to people all over the world regardless of nationality.
    • Descriptions of submitted entries must be written in one of the 19 language services currently on Rti.
  2. Registration
    • Date: from now on to July 18, 2023 (Tuesday) Taiwan Time (GMT+8)
    • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 123-199, Taipei 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    • How to register:
      • Write according to the prompts listed under Rules for Entry (You can design your own postcard or buy one.)
      • Mail your postcards from the country or region your located
  3. Rules for Entry
    • Postcard cover design: We suggest showcasing features of the country, city, or region you’re writing from. For example:
      • A famous landmark: the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Westminster Abbey in London, the Statue of Liberty in the U.S., the Louvre in France, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, etc.
      • A scenic spot: Mount Fuji in Japan, Halong Bay in Vietnam, the Grand Canyon in the US, the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, Angel Falls in Venezuela, etc.
      • Religion and Customs: Erawan Buddha in Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Pyramids in Egypt, the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, etc.
      • Culture and Lifestyle: taking a Turkish hot air balloon trip, seeing the Northern lights; diving near the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying your local cuisines (Feel free to introduce us to your favorite ones) , etc.
    • Postcard content: Please hand write as follows (word count depending on the space of your postcard).
      • The sender’s greeting must read: “Dear Rti, I am __________ (full name) from __________ (country or city).
        Example: Dear Rti, I am Grace Wu from Singapore.
      • The sender’s words of blessing for world peace
      • The sender’s return address and full name in English. (For the purpose of returning postcards. Please provide your full name and address in English. If you have privacy concerns, please complete this form: If you cannot access the form, please email your complete address and full name in English to [email protected])


  • Entries must be in line with the stated purpose of the event. Controversial ethnic, religious, political, cultural, and gender-related issues should be avoided. Entries must not contain obscenity, violence, slander, personal attacks, or involve intrusion into privacy, nor should they hurt social norms and public order or violate the laws and regulations of the Republic of China (ROC).
  • The organizer is not liable for any delay, sending to an incorrect address, loss of, or damage to the entries due to recipients providing inaccurate information. Participants take full responsibility for their damaged or delayed entries.
  • In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, recipients agree to allow the organizer to collect, process, and make use of their personal information for the purposes of this event only. The information will not be used for other purposes. Recipients also agree to authorize the organizer to make public their names on Rti’s website, social media platforms, and at the exhibit.
  • Any changes to the event’s schedule and terms will be announced on the organizer’s official website, including the right to cancel, change, terminate, or suspend the event. The organizer reserves the right to modify the terms of the contest and make changes unilaterally. In case of dispute, the Chinese-language version takes precedence.
  • Submitted entries will not be returned to participants.
  • Participants own the copyright of their entries, though they agree to authorize Radio Taiwan International to alter, edit, reproduce, display, and/or broadcast them online for promotional purposes at no cost. Participants agree not to exercise their moral right.
  • Participants must contact the organizer beforehand if they have any questions about the contest. Once registered, they are considered to have agreed to all related rules. No written approval from participants is needed.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, certain countries’ postal services with Taiwan have been interrupted. The Radio will reserve the gifts and send them out once services return to normal.
  • Participants that violate any of the terms and conditions will not be considered for the event.

Contact us

  • Contact: 《Dear Rti》 Postcard collection organizers
  • Phone number: 886-2-2885-6168 ext. 724-726
  • E-mail:[email protected]